What is Knee Degeneration?

Osteoarthritis is commonly referred to as “wear and tear” arthritis. When the cartilage cushion in the knee joint wears away, the bones in the joint begin rubbing together. Swelling, stiffness, limited mobility, and general pain are symptoms associated with this. One may also hear a cracking or creaking noise when moving their knee. While knee degeneration tends to be contributed to age, young people can still get it too.

Having repetitive stress injuries in the knee can also lead to knee degeneration. Weight is also a factor as it adds pressure to the body’s joints. However, athletes can also suffer from osteoarthritis. Soccer players, long distance runners, and tennis players hold the highest risk.


A great way for the body to take advantage of its own natural ability to heal is through Platelet-rich plasma therapy. Otherwise known as PRP, this is a simple process that involves a taking a blood sample form the patient’s own body. The blood goes through a separation process that pulls out the platelet-rich plasma, and is then injected back into the body at the injury site. The restorative cells are immediately able to go to work healing degenerative tissues. Due to the sample being from the patient’s own body, there is an extremely low possibility of rejection or allergic reaction.