My name is Sally and as I aged my hair started to thin. On top of that I had numerous surgical procedures performed on my face over the years which resulted in patchy heir loss as well. The combination of that made my wispy hair thin out and it caused me much embarrassment. After receiving enhanced PRP injections from Dr. Garcia I noticed hair re-growing after a single session. I believe that the method that Dr. Garcia uses which is a combination of the PRP along with added allograft material which contains mesenchymal cells, gave me a better response compared to those clinics where only pure PRP is used. He went on to give me the complete series of three sessions, one month apart and I now use a single session once per year to maintain my hair, it being thicker and more dense. I am happy I did not have to use hair transplants that would have thinned my hair out in the donor sites of my scalp and my social life has improved as well. I am glad that Dr. Garcia strives to provide the best options for his patients, using additives such as mesenchymal stem cells rather than just the lesser solo PRP product.

Sally, patient of Regenerative Institute of Nevada