What is Labrum Tear?

The labrum is a tissue that enhances the stability of our shoulders. It helps the arm bone and the shoulder socket stay properly connected. Sometimes, due to various causes listed below, the labrum may be injured or torn leading to what is referred to as labrum tear.




Causes & Symptoms

A torn or an injured labrum results from the following:

  • When your arms are outstretched, and then you fall, you will be a likely victim of labrum tear

  • Falling on your shoulder

  • Bracing yourself after accidents

  • Sudden lift of heavy load or a repeated act of the same

  • Swinging your hands severally or doing lots of overhead throwing in games like baseball, golf, cricket among others.


  • Sounds like clicking, popping or cracking in the shoulder

  • After reading an arm movement, you feel pain

  • Instability in the shoulder

  • Feeling of weakness in the shoulder

  • Aching pain that makes people unable to pinpoint the exact location


Treatment of labrum tear using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Like any other osteoarthritis related case, labrum Tear can be treated using the prp, method. It sounds a bit crazy but once the joint is carefully separated to allow a successful prp injection, the pain will significantly reduce in as little as two weeks, in labral tear patients.