Treatment for Knee Pain

Stem cell therapy has become a common treatment for athletes and the growing aging population. The stem cells in your body possess both the ability to renew themselves, as well as the potential to turn into other types of cells as needed. They occur naturally and live inside of your tissues, ready to repair damage to your body as it occurs.

As people age or sustain various injuries, sometimes there are not enough stem cells to go around. Stem cell therapies overcome this issue by redistributing the cells from high-volume areas, concentrating these cells, and then re-injecting them in the affected area of your body. This rapidly speeds the healing process.

It is popular because it’s a non-surgical procedure that doesn’t involve steroids, which can cause a host of negative side effects. Unlike other treatments, stem cell therapy does not simply mask the pain; rather, it treats the damages and even the underlying conditions that cause pain in the knee.

Commonly Treated Knee Injuries


While stem cells cannot yet treat all known medical ailments, they can treat an astounding array of injuries to the knees. A few of the most common injuries and conditions for which people undergo stem cell therapy include:

  • Meniscus Tear

  • ACL/PCL Injuries

  • Knee Degeneration

  • Chrondomalacia (Runner’s Knee)

Stem cell therapy has an impressive record of treating even the most serious knee injuries. If you or someone you love has spent weeks, months, or even years suffering from knee pain, you owe it to yourself to discover some of the benefits that this incredible therapy can provide. The question remains, however, how can you find the best stem cell therapies in your area?