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What is Cervical Pain?

Cervical pain refers to neck pain. It is caused by a problem with at least one of the discs that provide a cushion for the vertebrae in the neck. In most cases, more than one disc is affected. The disc may be damaged by injury, it may be herniated, or it may be affected by osteoarthritis. When the discs of the neck are abnormal in some way, inflammation can result. As the patient experiences pain, discomfort, and lack of mobility, muscle spasms are another painful effect of the condition. People who suffer any type of spinal pain tend to compensate for the pain by adjusting their posture or controlling their movements. This can cause the muscles to tighten up until it is extremely painful. In some cases, numbness may even result because of pressure on the nerves due to swelling and inflammation.


Causes & Symptoms

Symptoms of cervical pain include pain in the neck that can make a person extremely uncomfortable. A loss of flexibility is typical to the point that the neck becomes stiff. Numbness may be another issue. The pain may radiate to the shoulders as well. A doctor can diagnose cervical pain by assessing the symptoms, a physical evaluation, and the use of medical imagery. This will determine if any of the discs in the neck are out of alignment or herniated. If osteoarthritis is causing inflammation, a physician can get to the root of the problem by detecting signs of this debilitating condition in any part of the body. Once the problem has been identified, it is possible to find the proper course of treatment.



PRP, otherwise known as platelet-rich plasma, is an innovative treatment approach that is being used for effective pain management. It involves taking a sample of the patient’s blood and separating the PRP from the rest of the blood. Platelets contain growth factors and are a part of the body’s natural repair system. They travel through the bloodstream, rejuvenating the body and repairing damaged cells. When they are injected in a concentrated amount in the neck in an area where discs have been damaged or there is inflammation, the platelets will go to work to perform repairs.

How is Cervical Pain Treated with Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy involves injecting stem cells from a patient’s body into the area of the body that has been damaged or injured in some way. Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow and fat in the body. Stem cells are versatile cells that can take on the the role of any cell in the body. They also multiply. Researchers are excited about the potential of stem cell therapy to regenerate cells in any part of the body that has been damaged or affected by illness. Whether it is the heart, the spine, or joints, stem cells can have a rejuvenating affect. When injected into the neck, they can regenerate cells in the discs to make them healthy again. The end result can be relief from pain and more freedom of movement.