Treatment For Back Pain

Back pain, whether it has developed over time or is due to an acute injury, is common in both athletes and the aging population. Stem cell treatment offers an alternative to surgery, which is invasive and often requires significant downtime. This treatment also offers an alternative to epidural steroid injections, which do not work for all patients and can carry undesirable side effects.

Stem cell treatment is non-surgical, and it is useful in treating damage to the spine and surrounding structures. It also can be used to help treat underlying conditions that are causing acute or chronic back pain. It involves no drugs and is minimally invasive, making it a good choice for both the active athlete and the aging person.

Commonly Treated Back Injuries

Stem cell therapies have a wide application across multiple areas of back injury. These treatments can help improve back pain, although a physician will generally try to determine the source of the pain first in order to more precisely treat the issue.

Additionally, stem cell therapies can be used to treat facet syndrome, also called osteoarthritis. Similarly, they are also used to relieve symptoms of lumbar arthritis. These therapies also can help with degenerative disc disease, as they can effectively regenerate desiccated discs.

While there may be multiple appropriate stem cell or regenerative therapies for a given condition or injury, which treatment is most appropriate can be determined by the patient and his/her doctor. These procedures are minimally invasive, and many offer improved outcomes compared to surgical interventions and repeated epidural steroid injections.