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As a physician I began using PRP during my surgical procedures in the late 1990’s. I then began to use it for minimally invasive procedures during the last two years. Employing PRP with special additives to increase its capabilities has allowed me to treat a wide range of patients. Rather than PRP alone, I have added allografts from certified tissue  banks that have ascertained proper analysis and safety of the product used that contain mesenchymal stem cells to enhance the ability of the PRP’ actions. Using these added stem cell products is a breakthrough in efficacy and vastly improves the end results. That is what distinguishes the process we perform compared to other locations that do only PRP as a stand alone product with no allograft MSC additives. I use it for both acute injuries related to falls or sports, as well as long term issue such as tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, hair regrowth and joint pains. I am glad that such technology at a reasonable price with great results so my patients can avoid surgeries and medications with side effects. As a broad service provider for my patients, we also offer adipose-derived stem cells for certain conditions. We have bene offering this method since 2014. In this case we use the derived combination of mesenchymal cells as well as cytokines  and growth factors from the patient , harvesting the stem cells using a small liposuction technique,and re-administer them to deliver autologous stem cells to relive their problems. Not all patients are candidates for the adipose-derived stem cells but after a private consultation, we determine what would be in the patient’s best interest.

Dr. Julio Garcia, Regenerative Institute of Nevada