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We Are Your Resource For Stem Cell Therapy


A stem cell has the outstanding capability to evolve in various cell types during the body’s growth and early development. They act as a repair system in tissues in which the cells divide limitlessly to restore other cells in a living body.

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Stem Cell Therapy has emerged as a viable option for millions of patients living with debilitating symptoms of chronic orthopedic and neurological injuries. Treating physicians have seen great success in relieving pain and often times resolving medical conditions altogether.

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Regenerative therapy or regenerative cellular medicine is the practice of creating functional and living tissues to restore and replenish organ or tissue function otherwise irrecoverable because of inherent frailty, damage, age, or disease. Physicians have seen success utilizing these alternative therapies in various medical areas. Theses cutting-edge regenerative options give patients alternative solutions to surgery or traditional medical treatments.

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A universal use of stem cell therapy is in the transplanting of blood cells (stem) as a treatment for conditions of the immune and blood system, some diseases or to repair the blood system following certain cancer treatments. For patients who have harshly serious burns on their body located on extensive areas, skin cells (stem) are used to develop skin grafts. In Europe, a new treatment for cornea damage has gained approval for marketing. As of now, the treatments mentioned are the only stem cell therapies conclusively proven as being efficient and unassailably safe.

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