Adult Cells Combined With Platelet-Rich Plasma for Tendon Healing

Chronic musculoskeletal diseases, such as tendinopathy, are largely refractory to therapy. Healing capabilities are restricted because of the acellular, aneural, and avascular nature of tendons. [pdf-embedder url="" title="PRP and BM-MSC's in Tendon Healing Feb 2017"]

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy on Tendon/Ligament Healing

A normal healing response after ligament and tendon rupture results in scar formation and an inferior tissue that fails to emulate its original structure, composition, and function. More regenerative healing (closer to the original) can be obtained through early suppression of inflammatory cells and associated cytokines [pdf-embedder url="" title="MSC's in Tendon-Ligament Healing"]

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections as a Treatment for Refractory Patellar Tendinosis: A Meta-Analysis of Randomised Trials

Patellar tendinosis (PT) is a clinical syndrome characterised by anterior knee pain and tenderness at the insertion of the patellar tendon on the inferior pole of the patella. Commonly known as “jumper’s knee”, PT causes pain following repetitive running or jumping exercises, which usually settles with rest but returns when exercise is recommenced). [pdf-embedder url="" [...]