Mesenchymal Stem Cells Improve Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcer

In recent years, with the rapid economic growth and the change of diet structure, the incidence of diabetes mellitus (DM) increased gradually. According to epidemiological surveys, diabetes had spread to 422 million people worldwide by 2014. And the number of patients with DM may be more than 360 million in 2030. [pdf-embedder url="" title="Stem Cell [...]

Stem Cells for Diabetes Complications: A Future Potential Cure

Diabetes is a serious disease that in 2014 plagued 422 million individuals in total worldwide, with one in 11 adults affected.1 The disease is characterized by hyperglycemia due to autoimmune destruction of β-cells in the pancreas (type 1) or insulin resistance, usually due to obesity, with decreased pancreatic insulin production and β-cell failure (type 2). [...]

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Over recent decades, diabetes mellitus (DM) has become one of the major public healthcare problems worldwide. It is estimated that 415 million adults have diabetes worldwide, and a further 318 million adults are estimated to have impaired glucose tolerance, and thus, be at high risk of developing diabetes in the future. [pdf-embedder url="" title="MSC's in [...]

Three-week topical treatment with placenta – derived mesenchymal stem cells hydrogel in a patient with diabetic foot ulcer

The International Diabetes Federation reported that, at present, there are 415 million subjects worldwide with diabetes mellitus (DM) aged between 20 and 79 years, with a global prevalence of 8.8%, which by 2030 will increase to >360 million. [pdf-embedder url="" title="MSC's (topical) in the Tx of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Dec 2017"]